Vicenza (Italy) 2019

The eleventh Italian edition of Enoforum ended on Thursday 23rd May. Results of recent research and development activities were presented by 84 groups, with a total of 150 reports delivered over three days.

The review of innovations also included the exhibition of 80 posters, screening of 26 videos, tasting of about 200 experimental wines and the opportunity to investigate topics available at 30 corporate stands.

Such a wealth of new technological proposals attracted 1.200 participants to Vicenza from all over Italy, with a growing representation of international participants. These numbers confirm Enoforum’s top spot in Europe among the congresses in the wine sector, achieved and consolidated with growing results since the last three editions.

“The reason for Enoforum’s success is its inclusive nature, says Gianni Trioli, president of the Piacenza company VINIDEA, which organizes the event. Enoforum belongs to everyone. Researchers, service and technology suppliers, oenologists, viticultural agronomists and wine producers, all find space here to show their work, express their needs and compare themselves with other actors in the supply chain.

Because innovation belongs to everyone: public research is necessary to develop new knowledge or to scientifically prove intuitions, but it needs the private research of supplier companies to transform knowledge into technologies applicable to production, and the experimental contribution of vineyard and cellar technicians is essential to adapt innovation to the daily production work and to the different operational situations. If one of these three pillars is missing, there is no real innovation, in the true sense of a new technology that comes into practice. Enoforum gives everyone equal space and dignity, and this is its unique objective”.

Consistent with these principles, all organizations representing the various actors of Italian vitiviniculture have been progressively involved in Enoforum: SIVE (Italian Society of Viticulture and Oenology), Assoenologi (Association of Italian Wine Technicians) and CONAF (Council of the National Order of Agronomist and Forest Doctors), who associate all the technicians of the wine sector; Unione Italiana Vini and the international association Oenoppia, which represent the main wine producers and the companies that provide services and technologies; CREA (Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics), which analyzes and animates the network of research centers that deal with agriculture in Italy. 

From many editions Enoforum has the patronage of the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine) and of MIFAAFT (Ministry of Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Tourism Policies). The Vicenza edition is also sponsored by the Veneto Region.

The biennial event took place in the congress center of the Vicenza fair, a structure that has hosted the past three editions, collecting the baton from Arezzo, Piacenza, Conegliano and Montesilvano where the previous editions took place. At the end of the event, the Enoforum 2020 locations were announced, they will be held in May in Vila Real in Portugal and in Zaragoza in Spain, celebrating the seventh and second editions respectively; the next Enoforum in Italy will be in 2021.

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Recordings and some technical articles are available for this edition in our viticulture and oenology internet magazine INFOWINE.COM

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