Enoforum web conference 2021

ENOFORUM WEB CONFERENCE: 5500 participants from 70 countries

Bringing science and wine production together worldwide was the ambitious goal of the virtual congress organised by Vinidea and concluded with exceptional results: over 5500 members between oenologists, agronomists, producers, researchers and suppliers. Participation that
far exceeded that of any other industry congress in the world, these results were possible also thanks to partnerships with a number of prestigious international organisations.

The research world was represented first and foremost by the OIV (Organisation International Organisation of Vine and Wine, often called the ‘UN of Wine’ because it manages to bring together 48 grape and wine-producing or consuming countries), but also by prestigious associations of researchers from Italy, France, Spain, Australia, and South Africa. With their prestigious endorsement  was possible to receive more than 100 scientific contributions, most of them presented during the three-day Enoforum Web Conference.

The world’s wine production has joined the Vinidea initiative by way of support, from the associations of producers and technicians from Italy, France, Spain, Chile, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, the United States, and Portugal. Their promotional contribution, together with the involvement of the worldwide network of Vinidea, made it possible to inform a large number of industry professionals wine producers who were also able to attend the conference proceedings thanks to the service of simultaneous translation from English – spoken by speakers – into Italian, French, and Spanish.

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