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Montesilvano (PE) 2000


On the 25th and 26th of May, in Montesilvano (PE), was held the first edition of ENOFORUM. The event was organised by the Italian Society of Viticulture and Oenology (SIVE) under the patronage of the A.R.S.A. (Regional Agency for the Development of the Agricultural Sector) and the Abruzzo Region.

It was a meeting between researchers in the wine sector, wine producers, professionals who revolve around wineries and companies actively involved in the development of the sector.

The numerous participants from various Italian wine-growing regions were also able to meet the speakers in person in a special area designed for an in-depth interchange of ideas and doubts.

During the two days, lectures were given by the many internationally renowned researchers and technicians responsible for the development programmes of the participating companies.

The modules presented covered the following topics: application of hot maceration in oenology, new perspectives in the protein bonding of wines, cork, pectolytic enzymes, continuous and constant micro-oxygenation, malolactic bacteria.

The gala evening was also attended by Dr. Donantonio De Falcis, director of the A.R.S.A., oenologist Rocco Pasetti, president of the A.E.I. Abruzzo section, Dr. Maurizio Odoardi, vice president C.N.P. and oenologist Lorenzo Tablino. In the brief speeches given by the aforementioned authorities involved in the event, the importance of the Italian wine sector in the national economy and its consequent need of support with economic contributions from public administrations and with initiatives of a technical-scientific nature similar to Enoforum was unanimously supported.

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