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Montesilvano (PE) 2001


The second edition took place at the Hotel Serena Majestic in Montesilvano, from the 9th to the 11th of May 2001.

With the ENOFORUM event, the SIVE aims to bring together, discuss and engage in dialogue with those actively involved in the development of the wine sector:

  • oenologists and winemakers;
  • Italian and foreign researchers;
  • the technicians responsible for research and development at leading-edge companies;

in a context that allows for the comprehensive treatment of a number of technical-scientific topics and the in-depth exchange of their respective ideas and/or doubts.

ENOFORUM is neither a classic scientific conference nor an exhibition fair: it is a new formula, where participants can not only attend the modules of their interest, but also discuss their specific practical cases directly with researchers and technicians.

The event is divided into modules that are repeated twice during the course of the event, to reduce the number of participants in each of them and thus allow for more effective interaction between the actors present.

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