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Piacenza (Italy) 2005


The leading technical and scientific exhibition on the Italian wine scene continues to see a significant increase in visitors.

In three intensive days of research and analysis, from 21 to 23 March 2005, also characterised by fruitful business meetings in the exhibition part, the fourth edition of Enoforum attracted an average of over 600 technicians, researchers and professionals each day, far exceeding the already flattering number of attendances recorded in the last edition in 2003. The presence of qualified foreign visitors, particularly from France, was also significant.

A few figures, relating to the various moments of the event, may give a better idea.

The SIVE Conference was attended by 26 speakers, 11 of whom came from abroad, and was supported by 10 leading companies in the wine industry.

In the poster area, 70 submissions were presented by leading Italian universities and research institutes, as well as a number of companies related to the wine-growing environment.

The Tecnovitis Technology Marketplace offered some 20 companies the opportunity for interesting meetings.

More than 100 wines were offered for tasting, including experimental wines, the 21 foreign TopGDO wines, a selection of 26 wines from the Piacenza province presented by some of the most significant producers in the region, and 68 wines from the Banco d’Assaggio Vitigni Storici (Tasting from Historical Vineyards), conducted by the ONAV of Lombardy.

A success, indeed.

A success to which the renowned organisational skills of the Vinidea staff certainly contributed, who, on behalf of the SIVE (Italian Society of Viticulture and Oenology), an association founded in 1995 to which several hundred oenologists and agronomists from all over Italy, refer, coordinated and supervised this long-awaited event, essential for the growth and affirmation, in terms of progress and scientific research, of the oenological world in Italy and abroad.

Over the three days of the event, many stimuli were offered to debate, explain and elaborate through the seminars held by both internationally renowned researchers and companies, in order to present products and innovations in the sector. The turnout of operators and the public was remarkable, and the satisfaction of both exhibitors and visitors was visible. A large number of visitors, in particular, underlines the national importance of this exhibition.

An ever-growing event with its own well-defined identity and, as such, of great interest to all those working in the wine sector. Enoforum addressed, among other things, the various needs of producers, presenting vineyard and cellar equipment, as well as new winemaking processes, demonstrating the high degree of competence achieved by Italian technology and research in oenology.

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