Piacenza (Italy) 2009

The third consecutive edition of the event was held from 21 to 23 April 2009 at Piacenza Expo, the Piacenza exhibition centre.

Wine professionals, and in particular technicians, were the stars of the event, coming from all regions of Italy including the south and the islands: some of the best oenologists and agronomists of the peninsula attended the conference proceedings and took advantage of the numerous opportunities to further their knowledge by coming into contact with some of the most qualified researchers from Italy and around the world.

Well over 60 oral presentations, 16 of which were given by internationally renowned foreign speakers, took place in the two conference rooms, which were almost always filled to capacity despite often running concurrently. A total of 76 posters were exhibited throughout the conference, 15 of which were the subject of oral presentations.

One of the main innovations of this year’s Enoforum, in collaboration with the technical journal of Viticulture and Oenology www.Infowine.com, was the projection of video seminars, i.e. scientific lectures by international experts who, instead of coming in person, were recorded on video, subtitled in Italian. The more than 90 users of the new Infowine service particularly appreciated the original concept, and many requested to have them available on the web, streamed by Infowine, or even in a DVD version to be able to watch them again with their colleagues.

Featured News

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