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Vicenza (Italy) 2015

Enoforum 2015 confirms itself as an all-round showcase for innovation in the wine world

The practical application of scientific research has always been the focus of Enoforum, which is an important meeting point for researchers, wine producers and suppliers in the sector. This approach, which gave rise to Enoforum 15 years ago, is now perfectly in tune with the European Commission, which, in its recent documentation on policies to support research, defines innovation as “ideas successfully put into practice: scientific insights and the results of laboratory research are the necessary basis for innovation, but it only becomes such if the phase of transferring the new technologies into vineyard and cellar practices is completed”.
An essential part of the innovation process is therefore the scale-up of production to industrial level, widespread on-farm experimentation under different conditions, and the completion of any authorisation steps, knowledge dissemination and large-scale adoption.
Enoforum is an event created specifically to highlight and value the application phase of research, the one that leads to true innovation.

The 9th edition of Enoforum, held at the Fiera di Vicenza Congress Centre from 5 to 7 May 2015, has confirmed the European leadership achieved over the past few editions, both in terms of quantity and – above all – quality.

Over the three days of the conference, 102 oral presentations were given in two lecture halls; 70% of the speakers belonged to public research organisations, and 30% were R&D managers from leading private companies.

Further technical and scientific information was available to participants via 40 posters and 5 guided tasting sessions.

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