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AVAFERM® – Innovative tool for automatic management of yeast nutrition during fermentation

HTS Enofrum 2023


Wednesday 17 May - International Hall

Module managed in collaboration with HTS Enologia

The speakers will be:

Riccardo Guidetti,
Professore ordinario di Meccanica Agraria presso l’Università degli Studi di Milano

Diego De Filippi,
Direttore Tecnico e R&D presso HTS

AVAFERM® – Innovative tool for automatic management of yeast nutrition during fermentation

Riccardo Guidetti, Università di Milano
Diego De Filippi, HTS Enologia

The ever-increasing use of automation and integrated systems capable of intervening and communicating remotely by storing information is driving the development of the fourth industrial revolution called “Industry 4.0”.

Within this context, HTS has designed, developed and patented (n° 102019000001239) AVAFERM®: the only Place & Start system capable of automatically managing yeast nutrition during alcoholic fermentation.
AVAFERM® aims to simplify and optimize the fermentation process, improve or maintain the high quality of the products, containing costs and reducing the environmental impact associated with the winemaking process.
AVAFERM® is equipped with a control unit that can also be managed remotely and with an interface that allows the winemaker to customize each process based on his needs.
In detail, at the beginning of the process, the winemaker is asked to enter the analytical parameters of the must to be fermented and the specifications relating to the process to be carried out: volume of the must, sugar concentration, YAN, yeast strain used, fermentation temperature and style of vinification. AVAFERM®, modeling this data, calculates the nutritional needs that the yeast will meet during fermentation, intervening at crucial moments. The curve defines the type (which one) and the quantities (how much) as well as the optimal times (when) for adding the nutrients to the fermenting must, which will be dosed automatically through a system of easily installable rods.
AVAFERM® optimizes yeast metabolism.