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Enoforum Spain 2024

Enoforum, in terms of both the number of speakers and participants, is the largest technical-scientific conference dedicated to wine and the wine industry in Europe; For its 18th edition, it returns to Zaragoza, Spain, from 15 to 16 May.

What you will find at Enoforum


For 2 days, you will be able to attend numerous presentations given by renowned researchers and technicians from all over the world on the most topical issues for the wine sector.

All papers will be presented in Spanish or English and simultaneous translation will be offered, so you can comfortably listen to industry news from around the world in your language.

If by any chance you are not interested in any of these presentations, don’t worry, you will have dozens of other initiatives available, including:


We believe that, for certain innovations, being able to ” experience them first hand ” allows you to fully understand the real benefits that you can obtain from them in your work in the cellar and the vineyard. It is precisely for this reason that we have decided to create moments within the conference where it is possible to taste wines produced with experimental technologies, thus having the opportunity to understand the innovation by comparing it with ‘untreated’ wines.

In this edition, we decided to include demonstration sessions in the conference programme, where you can interact directly with the manufacturer of a technology and understand its application potential in more detail.


At Enoforum we firmly believe that innovations in our sector are born from the encounter between:

  • Public Research, where ideas for new technologies often come from.
  • Supplier companies, whose Research and Development departments transform knowledge into innovations applicable on a large scale.
  • Winegrowing technicians and winemakers who, as end users of the technologies, can provide feedback and propose new needs.

During Enoforum we facilitate the meeting between these 3 innovation actors, thus giving all participants the opportunity to contribute positively to the evolution of our sector.

In fact, during the event, we organize several networking events where everyone can make their contribution

Confirmed keynote speaker
Maurizio Ugliano, Università di Verona

Maurizio Ugliano
Università di Verona (Italia)


Maria Tiziana Lisanti
Università di Napoli (Italia)


Vicente Ferreira
LAAE-Univ. de Zaragoza (España)

Organized by
excell iberica

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Enoforum reserves a space in the program for supplying companies:

Research projects presented at Enoforum

Enoforum is an opportunity to present the results of research and innovation transfer projects in the viticultural and enological sector to a large and qualified audience of technicians. Request information:

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