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For two days, from May 15 to 16, in Zaragoza, an uninterrupted succession of conferences, round tables, tasting sessions and meetings between professionals from the sector offered unique opportunities to learn about the most recent research work and innovations developed both nationally and internationally.

An interesting poster area completed this wide range of contents. Below are the papers presented in the poster area of the Enoforum congress:

1 – REGAVID – Herramienta de gestión del riego que evalúa necesidades hídricas actuales del viñedo y predice las futuras

2 – PLASMOWINE – Modelización de la eficacia de los tratamientos contra mildiu de vid por recuento de esporas en el ambiente para minimizar residuos en vino

3 – NOVATERRA – reducing negative impacts of pesticides and fertilizer applications under integrated vineyard management
PTV; Área de Microbiología y G.I. Compostaje, Facultad de Ciencias. Univ. de Burgos; Bodegas Terras Gauda, S.A. Corteva Agriscience Spain S.L.U.; Corteva Agriscience France S.A.S. Grupo de Investigación en Viticultura (U.P.M.).

4 – NOVATERRA – development of a ready-to-use smart farming platform for crop protection management
PTV; Grupo de Investigación en Viticultura (U.P.M.). ;Unidad de Mecanización Agraria de la Univ. Politècnica de Catalunya; Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries

5 – State of the art on oenological strategies to counteract phenolic instability of red wines due to flavonols
Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Napoli ″Federico II″, Italy

6 – Phenolic potential from Spanish minority grape varieties: influence of the growing region
Grupo de Investigación en Polifenoles. Univ. de Salamanca, España; ITACyL, Valladolid, España

7 – Biodiversity of the microbiota associated with the production process of “Passito” wines
FoodMicroTeam s.r.l., Florence, Italy; DAGRI, Univ. of Florence, Florence, Italy.

8 – Effect of different maceration treatments on certain sensory properties of Malvazija istarska white wines (VitisVinifera L.)
Institute of Agriculture and Tourism, Poreč, Croatia; Univ. of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

9 – Impact of pre-fermentative and post-fermentative technologies on sensory profile and overall impression of Teran red wine
Institute of Agriculture and Tourism, Poreč, Croatia; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb, Croatia

10 – Shading nets: effects on quality and yield of Sangiovese grapes
Consiglio per la Ricerca in Agricoltura e l’analisi dell’Economia agraria, CREA, Italia

11 – Non-conventional yeast derivatives as novel potential bio-adjuvants for the winemaking process
DAGRI, Univ. of Florence, Italy; Italiana Biotecnologie, Italy

12 – LIFE Natural Agro – The Essential from Nature – Two target specific formulations for Downy Mildew (DM) and Grapevine Trunk Diseases(GTD), by using Carbonated hydroxyapatite and natural oil blends with very low or no copper

13 – EIP-AGRI IN+VITE: Testing super-absorbing hydrogels in vineyards subjected to drought and summer stresses
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Piacenza

14 – Premios Innovation Challenge “Lucio Mastroberardino” Simei 2022 – Technology Innovation Award

15 – Premios Innovation Challenge “Lucio Mastroberardino” Enovitis In Campo 2023